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Second: Time is on their side

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It’s not a second the time that Second is making music, but almost 20 years. From Murcia with love, this 5 guys appeared probably without knowing that, 20 years after, they will stay with the same excitement and that they’ll publish an awesome album such as “Montaña Rusa”.
Sean Frutos, frotman of the band, shares with us some seconds and answers our questions.
Here it is the hysterical interview to… ¡SECOND!

At the beginning of your career, the band took a great impulse by winning contests (the one you took part, the one you won, it might be for a reason …). Which is the one you fondly remember? 
The most important is the GBOB from London, but the one we most fondly remember, because it was the first, is the Creajoven (Murcia). Maybe because of how naïve and rookie we were.

Why the leap onto Spanish (with “Invisible” album published in 2006) when it was still trendy to sing in English?   
Because above all trends exists what you want to do. At that time I decided that I had to begin writing in Spanish, and as I began to like it, that’s how it is now. I find more difficult to write in Spanish, the audience is more demanding.

We ourselves and a lot of your fans knew about you since the song “Rincón exquisito”, included on the LP “Fracciones de un segundo” published in 2009. What has this song meant for you? Do you find it as the definitive catapult of the band?  
From now, it is the most famous song of the band, and the best of all is that we are not getting tired of playing it live, because we feel the energy that it creates on live shows. Nowadays people come to know us because of this song.

In 2013 you publish “Montaña Rusa”, recorded in Los Ángeles.  An album you consider more natural and unplanned. Tell us: Has the title any figurative sense? Do you consider your career or music commonly some kind of looping coaster?
Exactly. One day you’re up and then you’re down, a lot of giddiness, a little bit unstable everything, but we like to play this game; we don’t know how to play other things anymore. It’s a bet.  Every new album is a new world, that’s thrilling itself. We liked to link this concept, which took sit with us some time ago, to this album.

All your songs and even the band’s image, is near to some 80´s touch, like some kind of dark image, is it something planned or are you really dark guys?  
We like dark music, for example we love post-punk, also badass songs but curiously, we are common people, we don’t quarter people, if we don’t have reasons for doing it, and don’t either make secret rites at the rehearsal studio, at the moment.

You have your own battle making independent music for 20 years, in a country with not much tradition with this kind of music. What do you think about Spanish independent music scene? 
After all this years, at the end we are harvesting what we deserve. This music has been too much hided, too much underground, and now we have festivals that we couldn’t imagine some years ago that could have all the audience they actually have. But I think we all know that this must happen. I think we have opened a road to “less conventional” artists. 

At whom would you throw a Hello Kitty knickers or underpants and why?  
To you.

Do you have like 17.000 followers on Twitter and you are a very active band in social media. As a band that also existed before Twitter, Do you realice about the advantages of this kind of tools in order to promote your music? 
Of course! They have been basic for the growing of independent scene. We have our own diffusion channels that are also very straightforward. It is our showcase. We give Info, we answer what we can, and also receive opinions that allow us to improve.

What do you remember about the fan phenomenon? Any funny anecdote to tell us?
Without fans there are no live shows, and without live shows we could not exist.
The ones that we can tell are usual, the interesting ones are the ones you can tell… leave it up to you…

We are finishing the interview with the video of the song “2502” included in your last album. Tell us guys, what’s the song about?   
A song  that proposes a hide to the future, to be confused at one time, but that begins better than how It starts… ....”Ya no quieren despertar en 2502, él y ella, ella y él, desde su colisión”....

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