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Bravo Fisher: Postmodern one-man band

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'El valle invisible'  is his second album. This Postmodern one-man band,  nicknamed Bravo Fisher! dares with synths, guitars, bass, ukulele and his music goes between electró, indie and the fresher pop. During one of his live shows, in our wet dreams, the hysterical fans throw special lace Deluxe knickers for him... He ir ours... 
Bravo Fisher!

You prove that it is not a legend the question about the one-man band. Why are you so determined about doing everything yourself?  
I don’t do everything, everything  by myself. The project is mine, that´s true. I compose the music, the lyrics, and I am over everything that involves Bravo Fisher!. But now, for example, in “El Valle invisible” Tour, I am going with live musicians. I think it is basic to surround oneself with people so you don’t loose your focal point. 

When did you decide to join this jam called music?
Maaaaaaaaaaany years ago. I use to explain that I changed the football ball for the guitar.  I spent my whole lige playing and I got tired. Adolescence, I guess... i had a couple of bands in Valladolid, my native city. 4 years ago I moved to Madrid and I forgot the idea of the bands in order to start composin by myself.

You have recently publised “El valle invisible”, LP formed by 10 songs and recorded in Rec Division studios, in Madrid. How is it going the reception of the new album?
Great! At least, I am very happy about the results, and they are a lot of good things to come. I feel like everytime  more people comes to join this “Valle Invisible”,, the story I tell; in the live shows I see people singing the songs, they feel them, I don’t know, this is something that I didn’t deserve because ir didn’t happen with the first album. Also live the songs sound powerful and the reflect very well what we get on the Studio.

Once you published your first album “ We were overnighters”, you sign up with Subterfuge Records in 2012. What has it meant for you?
Everything, I guess. I stopped to be an “amateur” to get professionalized as a musician. In Subterfuge I feel like I am where I have to be. I Love the human spirit that stays there, that I can have continous contact with them, see ideas in group... it was the first time that I signed with a recordin, and I expected a coldest manner.

How is the composition process that you use to follow? Have you got any order or preference? First the lyrics, them the music... How can you fix it with all this instruments at the same time?
I am a little chaotic while composing, in fact. Some songs come up from a rythm, another ones from a lyric, a Melody, a Voice... Altough in this record in general, as I had in mind to tell a story, the first thing I did was to make a brief script about what I wanted to happen, as in a film or a book, despite distances, obviously. So I began by the root, the came the lyrics, the music, the arrangements...

We are sure that it must be a song from ‘El valle invisible’ that you repeat in your Ipod more than the rest. Which one?
As an exclusive confession I’d say that I don’t have my album on my Ipod. In fact, I don’t have an Ipod... in fact, I am not used to listen to music in my mobile phone. My mother told me that it is dangerous listening music while you walk over the city... hehehe so, if I listen to music, it’s at home, quietly and with a good sound System. I also like to take care about my ears. I use headphones a lot for composin so I don’t have many interest about listening other things... 

At whom would you throw a of Hello Kitty knickers or underpants and why?  
I am not very fan of no one, really. I have never been.  But to say something, now I really like Grimes, so I ges sit would be her. But better if they are from Calvin Klein, Hello Kitty... I don’t like it at all, sorry :)

Which has been your show that makes you smile when thinking about it ?
Uff lots of them! I guess that one of the shows that survives on my memory is the first time I played in Arenal Sound (2011). There was a lot of people and it was like my 4º or 5º show, so I was nervous. It was also my first festival, and I saw for the first time that people in festivals dance a lot  hehehe it was really cool.

Which are Bravo Fisher! plans for 2014?
Firstly, before the year ends, it will come up a collaboration with EME DJ, a song that we have 50-50 in which I sing (an add the lyrics). Now we are with the vídeo, looking for offers. At the beginning of 2015 it will come up algo the vídeo of the 3rd single from the album (the two previous where “39” and “Miradas”). I will still showing the LP in Spain, maybe I go abroad, but I can say anything at the moment (shhhhh), then the summer, festivals... I have on my mind new ideas for a new album/EP but I want to do things slowly so I don’t think I publish nothing new  for a while. Who knows...

Now, at last, we include your last video  “39”. A vídeo with or without aspirations? Could you resume us the essence you want to communicate with it?
Well, it is an easy vídeo, I will say that witouht aspirations. You can see me walking/dancing  through Madrid streets mixed with old images. It is realized by Borja Crespo and I am quite happy with the final result, but as an anecdote I may say that I bored him because I saw myself like a very bad dancer. I didn’t knew how to dance there, now I do it quite better hehehehe.

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