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Pasajero: Do not delete their name

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The RAE (Royal Academy of Spanish Language) shows us the next “pasajero” (passenger) definitions: 
Pasajero, ra. (De pasaje). 
1. adj. Que pasa presto o dura poco. 
2. adj. Viajero transeúnte. 

Is the name of the band warning us that maybe in some time the band will suffer any transformation as, for example, a change on the members or a return to the actual ones to their origin bands? Is this a steady project? Or you are like passengers that maybe in a time you can be travelling in any other band… 
We are working for a long, long-lasting and productive life to the project. The name of the band join both definitions, but more because of the content… 

You all come from previous bands (Nudozurdo, La casa del árbol, Zoo…). Where does it come the fact of create this new Project?  
Dani and I yo (Josechu) played together in Zoo. We became very good friends and good rehearsals studio colleagues so it was easy to come back together to make something new after Zoo broke up. The Edu’s came after, but now we are 4, I mean, there ir no 2 and 2 or someone above the others. We all 4 go for 1.

At the end of 2012 is published ““Radiografías”, your first LP. Explain us, how was the album composition? Do you finally tell what you wanted to tell?
The songs were brewed by Dani and at the studio we gave them shape for a year before we began to record the album… it was such a productive process. And the recording, possibly the easier we have ever made. Everything came pretty much complete. I think that we tell what we wanted to tell in this album.

You have been surrounded with friends in this album (Cabezalí from Havalina produces it and collaborates, also Alex Ferreira and people from Vetusta Morla…).   Any anecdote of the recording process? Between all this friends something curious must happened… 
Well it was an afternoon with friends… a lot of laughing and a heavy dinner in a disgusting burger… it has been an honor to have them and that they were so involved. Not only at the album, but at the shows that came after.

You self-define the band as a “modest rock band”. Nevertheless, the specialized reviews are praising the album almost on a unanimous way. What does it mean for you to receive this kind of praises coming from the “serious” musical press?
That’s awesome. Before the hard work that supposes all this, that it has leaved a mark on press and audience is the payment. At the end we are on music to share moments with people. We feel rewarded. And quite amazed, because with all the information that exist nowadays we could find our gap. Very grateful, at least.

On June, 2013 you received the Guille Award (“La noche en vivo”, awards, given by live shows responsible) on the category “Pop, indie and songwriter”.  So you have also captivated the ones that manage the stages were you have to play. Which are your assets on live shows?
The groove between all of us I think it affects on a positive way… We try to make shows where things happen and where the audience is an important part of the live show. we love to play and to share this with the crazies that come to listen. There is feedback.

Pasajero is a new band that, nevertheless, has from the beginning very devoted fans that fill the places where you play and that talk great about you. Did you expect this answer from the audience?
You can never expect this, but it’s true that we are like as we have arrived to some people that haven’t stopped to follow us and talk about us. Before all this years and projects the only thing you suggest when you make an album is make it, enjoy it and take go to the road. If the rest comes, it’s a present. 

At whom would you throw a Hello Kitty knickers or underpants and why? 
To Rufus T. Firefly. They really excite us. And not only because of their rhythmical basis.
To Havalina also. This one’s because of their rhythmical basis.

Any stage –national or international – that you specially like to play?  
You always dream with Riviera in Madrid… But it’s too far away that we prefer any place where two crazy guys or girls come to see us and say that they like the show  (or not... hahaha).

We finish the interview with the video of the awesome song “Volverme a preguntar”. Explain us if you can, what’s the song about? 
About always looking ahead… 

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