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Collapsing Cities: The Fantastic Four

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Steve Mathieson, James Brennan, Stephen Parry and Tim Van Dammen form the New Zealander indie rock band Collapsing Cities. The second LP from the band comes after 7 years from the debut and it becomes a change, as well as their earlier singles are more on an indie-pop style, perfect for dance floors.
They have just released their second album “Strangers Again”, a little bit more shoegazer but without losing the indie being. They remind Morrissey, Joy Division… Awesome. 

Why made us wait so long your second album “Strangers Again”?
We started writing the album when we were in the UK in 2008, and when we came back to New Zealand we expected to record and release the album quickly. When we got back however, we got back into the other parts of our lives we’d left behind when we went to London – University, making films and music videos, and just enjoying life back home. Time started to fly by quickly, and eventually we decided we were in no rush to release a new album, so we took our time with it while we did other things and waited until we were happy with it.

In this new album looks like your style has developed from an indie-pop style in your first LP, into some kind of indie - postrock. In summary: To another musical dimension. What has changed in all of you since your debut that can be reflected in this LP? Have you grown up? 
It’s interesting you mention post-rock because me (James) and Stephen were big Slint, Mogwai, Godspeed! Fans as teenagers. The new album was a much more collaborative effort in terms of song writing, so I think that’s why there is more variation and broader influences. And yes, perhaps we were a little older, a Little wiser and a lot more jaded too.

How could you define your actual musical style?
I always find it hard to answer that question in an accurate or satisfying way. Steve likes the expression ‘Prozac Pop’ which fits pretty well.

Are you satisfied with the result of “Strangers Again” as a reflection of the band’s evolution?
Over all, definitely. Because it was a more collaborative album, and because we spent a long time making it however, there were many arguments and battles about all the details. Democracy is difficult with 4 people, and we can all be a stubborn bunch. So each individual may have done things very differently, but all together we’re happy with how it came out.

At whom would you throw a Hello Kitty knickers or underpants and why? 
I think we’d throw Hello Kitty knickers at Bruce Springsteen because he’s “The Boss”.

You have been compared with super artists and bands as Joy Division or Morrissey. What comes to your mind when people make such nice comments?
I think you have to take the compliment, and then hope that the music also has some personality of its own too.

Have you started to prepare your third album? Seeing how long takes to be published a Collapsing Cities album it would be good to start as soon as possible… 
That’s a fair point, but I think we’ve all been happy to have a break after the last album. I think all of us feel it’s better to wait till you feel the urge to create rather than going through the motions of the 2 year album cycle.

We use to say in Spain that, if you dig a hole in the ground, you can appear in New Zealand. Suddenly imagine that we appear in your rehearsal place: What strange things could we find?
Mostly empty bottles and broken guitars strings like anywhere else really. But in general New Zealand is a beautiful place to live. I would encourage anyone to dig a hole to visit, and that way it might be easier for us to see Spain also.

Will be have Collapsing Cities in Europe this year?
We don’t have any particular plans to travel right now, but you never know.

We finish the interview with your song “Regret”. What do you regret in this song?
The song is about regretting not being brave or stupid enough to get the revenge you desperately desire.

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