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Split Seconds: An interesting debut

Split seconds is a band from the north of Perth (Australia). Formed in 2010, it hasn’t been until August of 2012 that they made their debut, with a brilliant album titled “You’ll Turn Into Me”. They have been winning different awards in their country, including “Best indie-pop live performance“ what’s making them be more popular outside Australia. Today, before everyone in Spain knows them, we bring you their hysterical interview.

Guys, can you explain us how did you form the band?
We were formed a few years ago in North Perth, where most of us were living at the time. I'd just come back from a holiday overseas and was looking for a bunch of affable fellows to follow my every whim and indulge my insecurities for the better part of their prime years. Luckily I knew 4 of them and Split Seconds was born!

The album “You’ll Turn into me” is produced by Inertia, the most important indie discography label in Australia. Who searched who?
We actually produced the record ourselves with the help of our friend Matt Gio, but Inertia were good enough to agree to put it out on their label. They put out some of the best music on the planet (Radiohead, Bon Iver) over in Australia so we were more than privileged to jump into bed with them. They're nice people with a sincere love of music.

You are increasing your popularity in Australia because of your presence in different festivals, as well as Pyramid Rock or Homebake. What’s the meaning for you to win the prize of the best indie-pop live performance in Australia?
Festivals and awards are a fantastic way to grow your fanbase – which is really what it's all about. Anything that puts us in front of more people can only be positive. It was nice to win some WAMI (Western Australian Music Industry) Awards, because it was mostly peer voted – so to gain the respect of our friends was really rewarding.

Who would you throw a Hello Kitty knickers/underwear and why?
We're not positive what this means over here in Australia, but will assume it's a good thing! So we'll throw them at our mates The Warning Birds, because we think they write great songs and admire their gumption and sticktoitiveness.

How will you define your music to a kangaroo?
Hip hop. Get it?

Does your band name something related to the videogame with the same name?
No we only found that out later on. We're hoping they'll send us heaps of copies and free X-Boxes. Apparently it's a really good game!

Is there any tour expected for 2013? US maybe?
Hopefully we'll be able to get over to the US at some point – although for now we're focusing on Australia as a priority. We'd love to go to SXSW and see Austin though. That's a dream.

And any specific musical purpose for this year?
Write as many songs as is humanly possible.

Listening to your music: Better with beer, wine…?
Definitely beer – we know nothing about wine. I accidentally bought a bottle of champagne the other day because I didn't know what type of wine to buy. Beer.

In the video “She makes her own clothes”, we can see a girl that finds out that her boyfriend has been unfaithful. Have you lived any similar scene any of you?
We never kiss and tell.

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