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The Suicide of Western Culture: Two things look nice

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Juanjo and Miquel. Miquel and Juanjo. Two people, a lot of talent looking forward to develop in the electronic scene, something not usual in Spain. On March the 14th appears their new LP “Hope Only Brings Pain”. The title has nothing to do with don't afford all that they have expected in music… For example, the were on the third position in 2010 charts of “the best of” as best album and best electronic artist in Spain. They will also act in Primavera Sound the year that the festival is renamed as “Best Festival Ever”. They are The Suicide of Western Culture and this is it’ s hysterical interview.

In three words. Let’s see if you can explain us what kind of music fo you do.
Mt-64, Metalzone, MPC.

In some media you are in “the most expected for 2013” charts. Does it put some kind of pressure on you, to think what can opine this people that have been expecting so long?
Well, not really because everything has happened once the album was finished. We did it time ago and without this possible pressure or monitoring, we we’re just playing…

Who would you throw a Hello Kitty knickers/underwear and why?
We would throw them to Julio Anguita (Spanish politician), the only ex parliamentary of Spanish history that has refused to his wage…

We know that you use very uncommon instruments. Is there any unusual one that you would like to achieve and you don’t have yet? 
 Yes, we are always looking forward, for example a groove machine 8bits with chiptune technology, would be awesome to have it, but it’s quite expensive, let’s see if the album goes well and we can get it soon. The rest, things that we find on the way.

If we say that you could be Spanish Chemical Brothers, what do you think?
 Well, we didn’t like them very much in fact. We had the chance to see them live several times and we prefer another bands… Altough with the time we have a maximum respect to them and we think that make people dance with such a worthy and qualified music as they do, is to admire. We love their sound, how they use sampling and groove machines most of all.

Following the question before, which bands/artists do you consider as a direct influence for you?
 We are a band with breadth of view, we are lucky as we can do what we want, we are not worried about or blueprints or styles so, since shoegaze to post-rock, Warp electronic or 90’s Replex, trance, indie classics, psychedelia, a little bit of all as you can see.

In March of 2012 you made an express Tour in U.S. 7 concerts in just 9 days, sharing Arena with bands like Za! or Dorian. Can you explain us the best and worst that you get from that experience?
Nothing bad, some hard moments removing the instruments... But in perspective it was great. We hope to repeat it with the new album!  Maybe in the Austin-Texas experience in the SXSW. It’s awesome!

What can we find in your album 'Hope Only Brings Pain'?
We were concerned from the beginning about making a compact album, with sense, so you'll have to listen to it completely, it's an order! haha make the effort. We don't understand one song without the rest, it's not a collection of loose songs.

You messed it up with the remixes album where we can find the contribution of people like Triángulo de Amor Bizarro, Los Pilotos o Nev.era, to your songs.  Have you thought about repeating the experience? Which bands would you like to be remixed by?
Well, at the moment we'll have an Undo remix that we love, we'd like to keep in touch with new bands from Spain that we admire and that haven't done it yet: Monky Valley, I am dive, Boreals, Begun, etc
We finish the interview with our song “Love your friends, hate politicians” from your new album. ¿Which what drink do you recommend us to listen to it?
Bad and hot beer, litre bottle openned for a couple days without gas, with a bit of Ducados ash (Spanish tobacco), that put's you high. Then we'll generate a generalized hate ambient   J

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