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GUARDS: In them we trust

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Guards are Richie James Follin, Loren Humphrey and Kaylie Church. Indie-Rock band from New York with their debut album “In Guards We Trust”, published on February the 5th, with Black Bell Records.Their songs have reverb and phsyco-rock in a line between the 70´s and the 80´s: Between powerpop, indie-rock and shoegaze.They will be on May the 22th starting the engine of Primavera Sound Festival in its 13rd edition. An hysterical advice: Block your diary for this night. You’ll finish the night being absolutely amazed.

How will you define your music?
We are a rock band that focuses on songs. We mix elements of power pop, psych, grunge, new wave, and hard rock into a sound all our own.

You have just toured with Two Door Cinema Club along the Mid East Coast of US and Canada. Have you noticed that people knew you as a band before your tour with TDCC or due to this tour?
Yes, people definitely knew about us before the TDCC more TDCC fans just know about us.

Who would you throw a Hello Kitty knickers/underwear and why?
Iggy Pop.

If you could propose a line-up for an indie festival, which 5 bands would form your headline?
What is an indie festival? If I could pick 5 headlining bands to headline a festival today it would be Neil Young, Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Paul McCartney, and David Bowie.

How goes on the creative process of your songs? Is there a main composer in the band?
Yes, I pretty much handle the songwriting except for a couple songs. I will write on guitar, or piano, and from a sampled drum loop, or even an ambient sound from my guitar pedal...

For those who haven’t seen you live: What can we expect if we go to see Guards Live?
Exciting loud rock music...

LP release, US Tour… Have you provided an European tour in a while?
We will be in Europe in the Summer...

Do you all use the same hair conditioner?

Is there any Spanish band do you specially like?
Enrique Iglesias

We finish the interview with the single “Silver Lining” included in “In guards we trust”. Please, explain us shortly what does the song mean to you.
To me, it is about being in love and never wanting it to end.

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