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Uh Huh Her: girls rule

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Today in the hysterical interview we have Camilla Grey and Leisha Hailey, both Uh Huh Her, a girls duet that blends indie, electro, new wave and pop in a synergistic combination.
First of all, this is not a PJ Harvey tribute band. They have just released their 3 EP “Debris 3EP”. There is something special in their songs, mystical, organic chemistry and female character, key elements of the band.
This is the way they are, Uh Huh Her.

Two LP: Common Reaction, Nocturnes and now Debris 3EP, a new EP in which you have released songs of your previous work but in a new production; is this because you weren’t happy at all with the first production of the songs?
We released it because we wanted to do pare down, acoustic versions of songs our fans know and love.  We love the old production, but wanted to change it up to give our fans something different while we work on our next album.

We know that the process of recording the second album wasn’t easy. How is going to be the process of recording the third LP? When is going to be out?
Because we’re an indie band financed by ourselves and sometimes our fans, it´s sometimes difficult to deduce when releases will come out simply because we don’t have the resources to put music out in a fast way.  When you have a label there are strict release schedule and lots of people helping you along the way to get your music out.  We don’t have that, so we are not sure when it will be out.   We just started working on the new record, and hopefully expect a summer release. 

Tell us about “Teleuhhvision” Why this channel? Is this special made for Uh Huh Her hysterical fans all over the five continents?
We wanted our fans to have a glimpse into our daily lives as well as show them old tour videos etc.  We thought it would be a nice way to help promote new releases and keep in touch with our fans in the meantime.

You can’t deny that you girls have a lot of fun when you are touring … it must be a unique experience to integrate personal experience, music, the people that go to see you….but we suppose that it isn’t always fun. Any bad or annoying experience you’d like to share with us?
When people can’t differentiate Leisha from Alice is always a funny problem.  I’ve only ever been a musician, so when people don’t come and respect the music and scream “Alice” the entire set that can be very frustrating. 

At who would you throw a Hello Kitty knickers?
Not sure we understand the question, but we would put hello kitty knickers our dogs.  That would be cute. 

You girls have sold some objects on Ebay. A fair and sustainable way to get founds for producing the album. The last auction was held this week: The fans had the opportunity to bid for some guitars, pedals, and other objects of the band… But which was the most extravagant object you sold on this auction? Did you sell everything?
The most extravagant thing we did was have dinner with a fan.  It actually was a great experience because she was super cool and fun to talk to. 

During the European tour you had played in such devoted indie clubs as the Magnet Club of Berlin, Paradiso club in Amsterdam, and others … What about the host and the people in Europe?
We love touring in Europe.  We love the people’s energy and excitement for music there.   It’s very different from touring in the U.S.  The clubs are beautiful and full of history there.  We always look forward to touring in Europe.  We wish we could do it more often.

This year 2013, Will it be at last the year that Uh Huh Her plays in Spain?
We hope to play there!  Unfortunately we missed an opportunity to play in Barcelona, but we hope to be able to come back to finally play for our Spanish Fans.  Camila used to live in Spain and studied at the University of Salamanca, and would love to return to play there. 

Imagine yourself in this scenario of an apocalyptic world: You are in a world of zombies, you've survived a biological attack with a mysterious zombie virus. This infection is lasting the human. You both armed to the teeth as the protagonist of Resident Evil are the only people not infected with the virus. Your mission is to stay alive as long as possible and look for other uninfected alive people. One day you come across a girl about to be devoured by a group of zombies scouts. You go to help her. When you are about to save the girl you realize that she is ... Lana del Rey!
What would you do:
A) You say sorry you can’t save her because you are running out of bullets for the next ten years.
B) You save her with the condition that Lana assumes that singing and playing an instrument at a time is possible.
Hmmmm, not very familiar with Lana Del Rey or her music, so I would have to say A. 

We finish the interview with the “Human Nature on Air-Streaming live” video.

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