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Mikaela Davis: Harpindie

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Mikaela Davis, indie harpist and vocalist, has answered to the Histerycal Interview.
The 30th June was released the debut album, Mikaela Davis selftittled, was recorded at Red Booth, a local tiny studio that focuses in indie artists. Is it cool to be an indie hapist? Here she is.

The harp is an instrument unusual to play in an indie band. Can you explain us what an indie harpist is? Is it a difficult instrument to play?
Well, all I do is write songs in an indie style! It’s still on a regular concert grand harp! Harp can be difficult. There are 47 strings and 7 pedals at the bottom. You must be able to play the harp while changing the pedals at the same time! Each pedal changes a certain pitch (ex. A, B, or C) from flat, natural, to sharp.

You‘ve been playing the harp since you were 8 years old. When did you decide to experiment with the harp and indie music?
When I was in middle school I used to write songs on the piano. When I was in high school I decided it would be much cooler to write songs on the harp instead! That’s when I started writing more. I showed some songs to my friend Alex, who ended up being the drummer in my band. After that we added a guitarist too!

Is not the same carrying a guitar than an harp, isn’t it? What are the difficulties you may come across when preparing the concerts?
Breaking a string is always my worst fear! I broke a string at one of my last shows right before we played so I had to take 10 minutes to put a new one on (good thing I always bring extra strings with me). I move my harp around so much though, it’s not too much of a pain to bring around.

We know by facebook, twitter and other social networks that you have a cat named Ringo. Are the Beatles an inspiration for you? Have you other influences?
Yes!! That is excatly why I named my cat Ringo. The Beatles are so amazing to me because of how much their music changed but was still amazing. They never got old! My other biggest influences are Sufjan Stevens and Elliott Smith.

How would you describe your music to people who never heard you before?
It’s kind of like Indie Folk Meets Pop! The songs are mostly very indie, If you like Sufjan Stevens or Regina Spektor you’re most likely going to like the album!

The combination of the harp with other instruments make each song a unique and different, a sweet combination. Is there a special moment in which you recommend listening to your album?
Garden is a song that uses many instruments, including a backwords guitar solo during the chorus. This one is phycadelic. I’m Just Tryin to be Your Friend is also a favorite of many listeners – it also has more of a ‘band’ feel to it!

Who would you throw a Hello Kitty knickers and why? (this is a question we always do, the histerycal way to show that your are fanatic of a band, singer, person...)
Haha! Well if this is asking me to throw a Hello Kitty knickers to someone in which I adore them/their music... I would definately replay with Sufjan Stevens J

Unlike other commercial indie bands, your style would be indie in the indie-folk. Do you think is this a drawback or it’s just a matter that you have to play more so people can listen to know your music?
I don’t think it’s a drawback, I think indie music is totally in right now, so hopefully more people will be looking for different sounds. We will see what happens in the coming year, since me, Alex, and Cian are all full time college students! We will definitely be playing a lot this summer.

Mikaela Davis European Tour 2013?
Oh, I wish! Probably not this year but I REALLY want to tour in Europe. If I make enough fans in Europe, this will be an easier thing to accomplish (hint, hint.. J)!!!

We finish the interview with your single “Dreaming”. Tell us something about this song.
This song is pretty much about me daydreaming on plane rides to San Francisco. Although my brother and I live in New York, our dad lives in San Francisco, so about twice a year we take the long flight over there to visit. He is a big part of the reason why I started writing songs, as more of a therapy to cope with my father moving accross the country.

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