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Autumn Comets: Simplicity's Success

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These guys could be from USA or UK. But they are from Madrid (lucky us, for having them near). The key of its success lies in what we call “capsule songs” (that ones that, when you listen, keep you floating in its atmosphere). Soft and simple songs, just like the Persian cat of your crazy neighbour. They have just published their second LP “Moriréis en Camboya” with Subterfuge Records and they have found an opening to answer our hysterical, hysterical questions. Here they are:

In fact you are a little bit comets: You began with the band in 2007. You self-produced an EP (Autumn Comets) and an LP (Parades), and now you publish your second LP with Subterfuge Records. What do you expect with the album? Which goals have you scored to win after its launch?
Basically keep playing. The more cities we play, the best. And playing outside Spain, if possible. We think that with Subterfuge it’s going to be easy to take a step forward but there’s not an aim or a goal beyond that: Keep on playing and composing, and publish another album. Once again and again like if there is no tomorrow.

Your new LP has just been born. Did you find any difference between self-production and record with a label like Subterfuge, with the gift and means that that it supposes?
 When the record was not published yet we were realizing the differences. Subterfuge is doing this for 20 years and they know perfectly how it works. It’s basic the support that an structure that this one can be for any band, we hope to arrive to more media, and with that, arrive to more people, we also hope (well, we trust) to be at the height of this.
As far as here, we just can suspect that working together is going to be very easy. That’s basic.

To define a band/artist musically is difficult and quite drag because you don’t use to agree with the music tags you get. For us, Autumn Comets is, basically, Post Rock. ¿Do you agree? How would you define Autumn Comets’s music?
It’s complicated. If you say post-rock you use to think about 7 minutes instrumental songs, with continuous up’s and down’s. And we do have long songs, with a lot of instrumental weight and intensity going up and down, but not in the way that a pure post-rock band would do. It could be post-rock moved to the extreme. To the less post-rock extreme. What we do like and it also happens quite frequently, is that people says that we sound in a very personal way, hardly to fit in a specific style. To us, to have this personal sound is very important.

You genre has a lot of fans in Spain, but not many artists. Spell, if you can, 3 or 4 Spanish band or artists that you could feel musically identified with. 
Without being specifically in our music genre, we feel very kindred to Incendios (Atención Tsunami), Kermit (we toured with them not long ago), Allfits, Cuchillo, Toundra, segunda apnea…

You have collaborated with Lourdes Hernández (Russian Red). Required question and you will have to get involved: Is she as fussy as she seems? (Don’t worry, she doesn’t read our blog).
Well, maybe she reads it! Even if she does or not, we must be true and not, she isn’t. We don’t understand all this “gossip” to someone that has been so kind with us, that has arrived where she is because she deserves it and that, in fact, is such a good person as she is.

Another  luxury collaboration is with Mr. Micah P. Hinson, who you also accompanied in some shows in our country. How could you get his collaboration? What have you learned from this experience?
Both collaborations where with the previous album, the truth is that it is almost difficult to remember. Manu met him touring, and recorded with him the strings of his penultimate album, after that we showed him a pair of songs and he cooperated in the one which he felt more comfortable. A lot of emotion while listening, really.

At who would you throw a Hello Kitty knickers/underwear and why?
To “Cómo vivir en el campo” bass player. Which is also our bass player, casually.

Recommend us an album each one of you, to buy in 2013 (appart from yours).
Liars, Dry The River, The Walkmen, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Two Gallants, Santigold… That’s what you will hear in our van.

Why your version of Paper Plans from M.I.A. is coolest than the original? Why? 
We should ask her what she thinks, uf… We doubt that ours is better, it’s difficult to improve such a great hit… Thank you as far as we are concerned anyway, we were trying to adapt a hit to this personal sound that we were explaining you before.

We finish the interview with the teaser of the new LP "Moriréis en Camboya" and the listening "Snakes at 3 a.m".

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