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Bury Me A Lion: Powerful combination

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Bury Me A Lion, originary from New York City, are a good example of the several influences that may have a band components, when combined, they can be amazing musical cocktails. If we put some Brit Pop, Soul, Rock n 'Roll, Blues and Reggae in a jar and shake it, get a powerful shot of Bury Me a Lion direct to all your senses that will make you dance without the unwelcome effects of Jägermeister on the day after.

Your self-titled EP was released in 2009 and three years later, in 2012, you published the LP "Year of the Lion". Tell us what do you feel about the public in the nearly year is out the LP.
Jarett: We are very proud of all our music, recorded and unrecorded. We have had some great opportunities recently to continue to expose our music to new listeners and create new fans. As Sam would say, “When people hear us, they like us.” I think we have written some great, accessible rock music that bucks the trend.
Sam: It’s really rewarding to reflect on how far we’ve come in the three years between releases. We’ve grown in every possible way (live show, fan base, hability) and we keep pushing the envelope, every minute of every day. Our fans have grown with us as well, and we can’t wait to show them what we have in store for 2013. 

Do you expect that 2013 is the year of the Lion and you’ll definitely make the breakthrough?
Jarett: When we released ‘Year of the Lion’ in 2012, it was done tongue-in-cheek. But, we did gain some incredible momentum and achieve some great benchmarks – this is the year we build on that success. 2013 is the breakthrough year; 2013 is the Year of the Lion.
Sam: We’ve always been aware of our potential, and 2013 will hopefully be the year we capitalize on everything we’ve built since day 1. We’re at the point now where it’s not necessarily ‘how,’ but ‘when’ will we breakthrough to a larger audience. Maybe it will even happen before I finish writing this sentence…
Yuri: No, there are no certainties in the music business. We hope that through more exposure more people will want to embrace our music, and want to hear more of us. It's really up to the fans!

Jarett we have read that as a singer you feel particularly inspired by the way Jim Morrison sung. Is there any other singer you feel some kind of hysterical fascination?
Jarett: Yeah, Morrison had a style that was almost violently expressive at times. He would act as a conduit of the music and the lyrics. I am just as fascinated by the styles of Freddie Mercury - who was a true showman - and Scott Weiland and John Joseph, both of whom have truly kinetic presences on stage. In practice, I tend towards the delivery of Morrissey, who moves around the stage with a slight theatrical interpretation of his lyrics.

As we have mentioned, your musical influences are very varied. Can you tell us which styles do you like at most?
Sam: I’ve been asked this question a lot recently, and my answer generally changes from interview to interview. Right now, because it’s winter, I’m listening to a lot of Marvin Gaye, Vince Guaraldi Trio, and calmer Indie (Beach House, Twin Shadow, Grizzly Bear). I know that doesn’t exactly spell “Bury Me A Lion,” but it does help get the creative juices flowing in different directions. 
Jarett:  Since Sam and I have been writing together, I’ve tended towards folk-indie or country influences in the winter. (Listen to First Aid Kit. They are amazing!) This winter, though, I’m still on this kick from the autumn – The Black Keys, Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers, the New York Dolls, Stephen Malkmus. We are constantly adding ingredients to the Jägermeister that is Bury Me A Lion.

You have already performed in several festivals. What you consider are the pros and cons of acting at a festival?
Jarett: Number one con – while you’re playing, there is guaranteed to be another great artist or artists playing on another stage or at another venue. You can’t escape it! 
Sam: I love the room to work on a larger stage. I have a slight case of claustrophobia, so it really helps my psyche when I can step three steps in either direction without smacking Jarett with my guitar. 
Yuri: Festivals can be pretty varied, so it really depends on the festival. The best part of festivals is playing to a new crowd, meeting other, artists, and listening to the other bands. We're all huge fans of different musicians ourselves so often there are acts we want to see. There’s not really a downside to playing at a festival. Maybe only that ticket prices are higher due to other bands, which prevents some of our fans from coming. However, we want to get as much exposure as possible for our music so playing for new fans is very important to us.

Who will you throw a Hello Kitty knickers or underpants and why? 
Jarett: First of all, I prefer Chococat! Secondly – I would get thousands of Chococat underwear and launch them at all our fans! As for other musicians – it’s got to be Katy Perry!
Sam: I think One Direction would most benefit from ladies’ small Hello Kitty underpants. I can’t think of another current band that could possibly fit into them. 

We could say that your style is the Rock and Roll. How would you describe you in one sentence your style?
Sam: Jagged edged explosion of creation with a dash of confidence and strength. 
Yuri:  It's a combination of classic rock with modern elements and styles.

Have you had a relative who was a lion tamer or maybe some of you in a previous life were? Why this name?
Sam: My great uncle, François Valdez de Einhorn von Carmelo, was the star lion tamer in Caribbean in the 18th century. Chimera, his star lion, tragically bit him after an accidental “attack” command. He buried the lion and vowed to never lion tame again. He passed along this legacy to us. 

Which is your favorite song of the LP and why? 
Jarett: They’re all great. Hmmm…I’m definitely a fan of our classic track, “One Arm For Another,” which we closed our set with at Catalpa NYC last June:

Sam:  “Be Your Own Bomb” is probably the best encapsulation of our sound. We've just released a professional music video:  

Yuri:  Definitely excited for the “Be Your Own Bomb” video, and we had a blast putting together a video for another single on the album, “Blurred”.

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