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Mi Pequeña Radio: for the love of the music

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Mi pequeña radio is the band formed by David Tabueña, that decided to start a new Project once his old band, Less, got dissolved.
At his back he has two albums, but most of all, a lot of talent and the persistence enough of not giving up although he often feels like skiing against current.
This super handsome guy (that’s not an important detail but we wanted to leave proof, OARGH!!!), he recognizes that he maybe run a lot of risk when decided to leave everything because of music. For sure that now he does not regret, seeing his success.
This is the hysterical interview to Mi Pequeña Radio!

David, you were a radio speaker before starting with music. That’s why the name of this project, “my little radio”? Is this a sign to this phase?
Yes, completely. The radio gave me so much. I grew up a lot musically and I will always be grateful, that’s why the small tribute in the band’s name. But I must say that I’m referring to the years ago radio. Not the actual one. The musical radio from nowadays stinks. Really stinks, apart from some dial son the internet or rarefied programs like como La Isla de Encanta, Corrientes Circulares or Toxicosmos… 

When you certain did know that you wanted to leave the radio to launch yourself to the ventured world of indie music?
I don’t remember exactly… it was progressive. I was living in Huesca and I combined the radio with the band, and with the guys I was playing before, we were thinking about living in Madrid. A standard day, I went to the Director’s Office and I said:
- I’m leaving.
- Where?
- To Madrid boss, with the band.
- You are completely mad.
And I’m still here.

Your debut album, “Esquiando hacia arriba” (2009), has been considered as autobiographical. Is it true? Is maybe the name of the album referring to how much did it cost to you to begin your own career?
All the albums have an autobiographical part. I don’t think there is a single album in the world without a small autobiographical corner. It is not a 100% autobiographical record but it has details. The title is obvious. It costs a lot to ski against current, almost more than composing, recording and publishing and album.

Your second álbum “Dónde está lo que un día fuimos”, is published in 2011. What did you want to show to the world this time?
The dirty part of the band. On the first one we were showing the clean part. In this one, the dirty one. Risk. Live recording. Electricity and more agressive lyrics.

Iker Casillas, goalkeeper from Real Madrid, published at his Facebook a link to your song “Valor Galáctico” (later we’ll see the video). Explain us what supposed for you that this celebrity, with all this fans, show your video.
Well it was a big surprise. I was lying in my bed watching a film and like at 00 pm. my cell began to ring on a crazy way. Iker Casillas linked our video on Facebook saying he loved it. I couldn’t believe it. It meant to us satisfaction and a surprise. Nothing else. No one called us from TV or something like that… we had the support from Jesús Gallego, Cadena Ser in its program “Hoy por Hoy” with Gemma Nierga and a little bit more…

Imagine that, for one day, you are again a radio speaker from a musical program. Which 3 songs would you play without a doubt?
That’s a dirty trick…..  “Exit Music” from Radiohead, “Is There a Ghost” from Band Of Horses and “Sometimes” from My Bloody Valentine.

¿At whom would you throw a Hello Kitty knickers or underpants and why? 
Holy Shit, Hello Kitty underpants really exist???.... I didn’t know it… well I don’t know…. 

Sometimes you have said that your live shows are stronger than the albums. What kind of surprises can feel someone that assists for the first time to a live show of Mi Pequeña Radio?
A lot of electricity and strength. It is true that like much more live than on a record. It has always been like this.

There are rumors about a possible Mi Pequeña Radio new album for 2014. Is that true? Any advance about the influences? 
It’s very difficult to auto define ourselves, auto tag us and much more, to mention influences. We really do not find likeness to anyone. It is true; we’ll begin to record at the end of this year. It will be an EP with 4 or 5 songs, we are still defining it. On the other side, we don’t know why but we have never arrived to get that anyone could reflect on an album what we are on a live show. I don’t think it’s a matter of money but of the concept. We haven’t done it yet. Hope to do it this time.

We finish the interview with the video “Valor Galáctico”. What does the song mean for you?
The single of the album and we think that a good song, about lyrics, harmonies and production. I wrote it when a girl broke up with a friend of mine, and this girl was constantly calling him. He even was still in love with her, had the patience of not answering the phone. And that’s really difficult. I think…

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