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RUBY FRÖST: Music from outer space

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Ruby Fröst, 25, New Zealander, composes and creates music that she describes as could be from another galaxy. She's not particularly known in our country, despite the guarantees of a major record label. However she has made the leap to the U.S. and she's collaborated with bands such as Digitalism and Garbage recently. Now, if you wonder "Who's that girl?", go ahead reading.

It is not surprising you get compared with artists such as Blondie, Cindy Lauper, Kim Wilde or Bangles to say some of the leading artists of the 80's that have become today's new-wave, pop-rock icons and unaware also had a significant role feminizing Pop-Rock bands. Years later said Cindy Lauper "Girls want to be singers of rock bands" Your music would fit in a new wave of the 80's?
I listened to a lot of Blondie when I was younger, and idolised Debbie Harry! I really admire women who are strong musicians and who have that tough 80's punk attitude. I also love modern artists who embody that spirit like Karen O.

How did and when you decided to be a musician?
I've always written my own songs, but decided to take music seriously as a career in 2009 when I won an MTV competition in New Zealand. Straight after that I started working on my music full time, and started writing my album.

Shirley Manson, lead singer of Garbage, offered you by Twitter opening for Garbage concert in Auckland last February. Is this media usual for closing collaborations with other artists or totally caught you by surprise?
I was surprised by that one! It was such an honour to hear personally from Shirley, normally you only get asked to open for international acts by their booking agents or management people. I couldn't believe she took the time to write personally to me.

You have been awarded with several awards for the songs you compose yourself. How is the process of creating a song Ruby Frost?

It normally happens late at night when I can't sleep. Writing is my way of emotional purging! So I normally write when I have to face an issue or feel unsettled by something. I find it a lot harder to write happy songs.

At who would you throw a Hello Kitty knickers/underpants and why? (this is a question we always do, to show your hysterical love to a singer, band, person...)
Haha great question! I'm really obsessed with Sufjan Stevens, his music has been a huge influence on me and I loved seeing him live in LA a couple of years ago. He'd be scared by that though, I think.

You're also well known for the way you dress and you have been interviewed in new trends clothing media for your unique style of your clothing. How would you dress for a music festival with your friends?
I'd probably wear my silver shorts, a crop top, biker boots, and stick gems all over my face.

What is the last album you've listened? What about the last concert you went to?
I've just spent some time listening to The Presets' new album Pacifica. It has some great songs, and I really enjoy their production. The last concert I went to was a music festival called Laneway where I got to see Jessie Ware, Bat For Lashes, and Tame Impala. They were all fantastic.

Are you planning to make the jump to Europe?
I have a Dutch passport so I need to get over there and start playing some shows! I also really enjoy Swedish pop music so it's my dream to go over there one day to work with some swedish producers.

Is the kiwi your favorite fruit?
No at the moment my favourite fruit is blueberries! It's summer over here so I can't get enough of them.

We finished the interview with your last single "Young". Could you brief us shortly the message you want to transmit in the video?
Young is all about moving on from the past and not letting regrets get in your way. It's all about getting free and embracing your youth again while you still have it.

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