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Cyan: Dark blue almost Rock

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Cyan are Javi Fernández (lyrics, guitar, piano), Gorka Dresbaj (guitar), Jordi Navarro (guitar) and Sebastian Limongi (drums). They published in February their third estudio album, “Delapso”, that comes two years after “Historias para no romperse”, when they conquered a lot of people, among others us. It’s an obviousness that the singer is as attractive as a complete hamburguer with fries when you come back home from nightclubbing, so we won’t mention it. Ok, yes, we have. But that doesn´t diminish Cyan’s real form, a forceful one: Good instrumental base + Good manners in composition + looked after melodies = AWESOME SONGS!

Between the concerts of the tour that carries them along Spain to introduce their new album, they have answered our hysterical questions. Here they go.

You are a band that completely wins in live shows. You sound very compact, without loosing intensity… How do you prepare them? Do you like live shows as much as it seems?
Yes, it is. It’s when we feel more comfortable and where we think that a band must win its standing. It’s really easy to make an album and sound great in an studio nowadays, that’s why we have sound engineers, producers and programs like Protools that musics love so much. But on stage there is no trick, what you do and how you do it is what people will carry home as a memory. And we don’t prepare it excessively, we practise the works quite a lot before the tour starts, yes; but from then, what appears in each performance.

A lot of bands sound musically very good but then loose all on the lyrics. It uses to happen with artists or bands that sing in another language: Sounds great but when you realize what the lyrics mean argghh ... Go away! In your case, seems like you take care specially of the lyrics. How is Cyan’s composition proccess?
We give them the importance we think they must have. A song has to be for us, an addition of elements that make us approve it or not, and the lyrics is as important as the rest. Music produces you intense moods, and the words you add is what finally make this moods in alined with what you are listening. If it’s not like that, something fails and the song doesn’t fix. In this album it has been an special backwork regarding the texts, that began to grow before even the music, so in some cases they even became the source of inspiration.

Question for Javi: One of the fingerprints of the band is your voice, quite growly a little bit like Luis Alberto Segura from L.A., as well as the way you sing, almost chewing the end of each phrase. Have you got a singer that has impressed you especially on singing?
I spent my adolescence very submerged in Grunge music that came from Seattle in the 90´s, and when you are that age, you live music with a savage intensity. It’s an age when all that really thrills you, stays and it’s impossible to remove. Nirvana and Pearl Jam drove me crazy, so I guess something of this still remains.

Your rising hasn’t been from yesterday to today. Nothing tremendous. Yours has been a modest rising, reaching fans little by little by media, mouth-ear, live shows… What do you think about fans phenomenon? Do you think it helped you someway?
A lot, no doubt about it. An interview like this helps. But if once published, we let it go in our Facebook or Twitter and people begins to share, that’s when you really got this effect. Is people, and mouth-ear what nowadays works. They are bands that don’t appear on mainstream radio or TV and nevertheless they have so a huge fanbase that they fill up stages like, or even more, other mainstream artists.

We mention it on the title of the interview, “almost rock”. You are forceful but also give a lot of importance to the melodic part. Are you mostly of rock or pop?
We could say that we have a pop base, but given the musical historic of each one of us, and the music we are used to listen, we cover our songs with a rock covering. Above all in Delapso, where we have made an special stress in this sound more dirty.

We knew about you with the video recorded in your studio of the song “Te deslizas”. In fact, a couple of years ago, we hear the song before go clubbing in Barcelona. Which Delapso song would you recommend us for the pre-party?
Altough we must recognize that this LP is darker and less lively, I think we have cuts like, for example, Síndrome de París that can take you to the suitable inclination… 

At whom would you throw a Hello Kitty knickers or underpants and why?
There is a band in Barcelona, Vórtice, that we love really, they are very buddy and also really handsome.  

Which are on your opinion the differences between the first Cyan and the Cyan of this last LP? Are you at that point that you imagined at this stage? Better? Worst? Different?
The differences are enormous. On the first LP, we didn’t have the rapport that we have now as musicians, we were looking for our sound, and even it’s a very visceral and fresh album and we love that, you can see this searching.
Also, the songs were composed at the rehearsal studio and the studio, from a comfortable position, while the rest of LPs are the result of being two years playing nonstop, running a lot of kilometres and very different stages. Also with pre-established deadlines in advance. All these things hardens, and it’s reflected on the LP on a positive way, under our point of view.

We finish the interview with the video of the single of the new album for the song “Un colectivo de raro propósito”. Explain us, ¿What’s this song about and what does it mean for you? 
We are not friends of telling all the meaning of the lyrics, because we like to leave open doors to who is listening. The meaning that you want to give will be as acceptable as the one that we have given. I’ll only say that it’s about the discomfort that we all feel sometimes in our lives because of inner or outer pressures, but however, this lack of comfort is the engine that pushes you and gives you stamina to an idea until it comes to fruition. This discomfort that the lyric talks about we wanted to reflect also on the song; they are some discordances between guitars, and Javi sings all the song on the edge of breaking, we voluntarily, looked for a tune where he wasn’t completely comfortable. So the video couldn’t be less, and we wanted to show graphically all this. Some people does not bear the video, others love it… But we think that we got the idea perfectly reflected.

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