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San Cisco: Australia's breakthrough indiepop band

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San Cisco are Jordi, Josh, Nick and Scarlett. San Cisco is indie pop with hints, direct lyrics and very catchy rhythms. They have been awarded Itunes Best Breakthrough Artist of the year 2012 in their country. If you do not know them, make haste to catch up, because this year everybody will talk about them. Here it is their hysteric interview.

San Cisco was released in November 2012, but you were 3 years playing and also editing EPs since 2011. Why has been such a long time until the first LP?
It didn't feel like a long time in the lead up to releasing the LP because were still busy finding our feet as a band, working on our sound and building a fan base. The EPs were a good way for us to be able to explore different genres and figure out what we wanted to portray and create in our first album.

 Question for Scarlett: Scarlett, you're the drummer;  you also sing and do the chorus. Does that came as natural as you compose the songs or was it premeditated to give a touch of originality to the band?
Me singing is something that usually comes about in the studio rather than in rehearsals… But it varies from song to song. In Awkward it was a last minute thing for me to sing but in Beach, Josh wrote the chorus with female vocals in mind. I think the interplay between male and female vocals in a way has helped set us apart from other bands.

Who would you throw a Hello Kitty knickers/underwear and why? (This is a question we always do, is the hysterical way to show you really admire a band, artist, person…
I would throw my Hello Kitty Knickers at David Bowie because he is an amazing artist and performer and was ahead of his time in so many ways, as a musican, writer, producer and fashion icon.

In your Facebook we can read " Don't let their youthful looks fool you: San Cisco are one seriously well- experienced band ". Have you found that you sometimes have been prejudged because of your age or your appearance as people saying "Look! A teenage pop group!”.
We get 'cute' and 'hipster' a lot which is annoying! I don't think our age is a big deal anymore.. Jordi is technically the only teenager in the band and lots of great bands started out when they were young so it shouldn't be surprising that we can play at our age.

Are you coming to any Spanish festival in 2013?
Hopefully! We'll see.

We finish the interview with the awesome song “Awkward”. Has someone of you felt harassed as the song explains?
I think Jordi has been harassed a bit on Snapchat but the song is mostly fictional.

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