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Mo Kenney: indie folk rock made in Canada

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If we ask ourselves what have in common Arcade Fire, Broken Social Scene, Yukon Blonde and Tegan and Sara with the artist of our today’s interview… Ok they are all indies but… What else? Canada. 

It’s not surprising that it’s the country with the biggest production of maple syrup, but also, it’s not surprising the quality of its indie bands.Don’t be foolish because of her 22 years-old: Mo Kenney has shocked us since the first until the last song of her homonymous album. Mature songs and a unique style: Indie Folk-Rock from Halifax (New Scotland). The cool Mo Kenney.

When did you begin to compose with the guitar? 
I started playing guitar when I was 11 years old. I didn't begin to write songs on the guitar until I was about 15!

What kind of guitar/s do you use? Some kind of special acoustic guitar, maybe?
I play a Hensel Parlor acoustic guitar. It was made in Canada by a man whose name was Arthur Hensel around 1930. I also have a Gibson Les Paul electric that I don't use as often, a Seagull acoustic and a Godin electric guitar.

Your debut album is formed by 10 songs. It’s that a resume of the 10 commandments of your life?
My album is basically a collection of songs I have written from the age of 16 to the present. I had written quite a few songs in that time so I picked the best ones for the record.

The album has been produced by the prestigious Label from Toronto “Pheromone Recordings” in collaboration with Joel Plaskett, a renamed indie artist and “New Scotland Records”. An album that has been two years until the publication, so it’s obvious that all of you have been very careful with the debut LP… Did you enjoy recording with such a good company as this?
Joel and I began working on my album in April of 2011. We were able to take our time on it because we were working around each other's schedule's. The recording process was amazing for me because until then I hadn't been able to record in a legitimate studio. It was amazing to hear my songs after they'd been recorded because the quality is so professional. It was a very exciting process for me!

What did mean for you to collaborate with Joel?
It was an awesome experience being able to collaborate with Joel. I've been a fan of his music since I was a teenager so it was incredible to work with him. I found it easy working with him as a producer because we both had the same vision for the album. It was great having his experience because he really knew how to get the sounds I was looking for. I learned a lot during our studio sessions.

Which one of these two collaborations will you choose in an hypothetic case (even one of them is a fiction character): Choose an Anne Shirley poem and make a song about it or make a duet with Shania Twain?
Haha it would be funny to make a duet with Shania Twain so I guess I'd have to choose her. My mom would be very happy.

At Who will you throw a Hello Kitty Knickers or underpants and why? 
If I could throw my underpants at anyone it would have been Elliott Smith! Unfortunately he's no longer among the living, so that will never happen. I guess Sigur Ros will be the lucky band instead.

Can we expect a Tour outside America nearly? Europe, maybe?
I would love to tour Europe! I'm hoping music will bring me to many different parts of the world to play, it's just a matter of time!

To listen to your music is better if you do it drinking something: beer, wine, maple syrup…?
It's best to listen to my music after drinking a mixture of bacon, maple syrup and canadian beer. Only then will you get the full effect.

How many times have you been left looking like  a “sucker”?
I've only been left looking like a "sucker" once, so I wrote a song about it.

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