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Dorian: Gloomy Electro Pop

A big ascendant progression, like made with compass, is the clearest feature of Dorian. A band that in no more than 10 years has published 4 LP’s, created generational odes (todo lo que siento por ti… sólo podría decirlo así…), has triumphed at home and outside, and has also helped to delete this kind of seedy layer that, for a lot of people, used to have a big part of Spanish electro pop. Marc, Belly, Bart and Jordi began their course at the beginning of the XXI century between 10.000 metropolises. Hiding in subterranean cities from terribly sand storms, without knowing if the future could be theirs but imagining it would be of nobody and today, they leak again into our CD player reaching the speed of emptiness (play on word with Dorian LP titles). We were very excited with their new album. About interviewing them, this is completely cool (we are so excited that we are taking painkillers). They are Dorian. And this is their hysterical interview.

Your songs have, almost all of them, a sordid item on the lyrics, even tortured. The main characters always suffer, or live or have lived debauchery ages. Worthy of an Almodovar film. Is this that you like bad life? Which is your source of inspiration?
We have always been a bit “stormy”, why deny it. That’s why we are such fanatics of sinister 80’s music like The Sound, The Chameleons, Siouxsie and the Banshees or Bauhaus. We also have lived debauchery ages at night. As you see, there is a lot of darkness in our lives! Out of jokes, our source of inspiration is based on a 90% in autobiographic experiences. We like to tell the things that happen to us and to the ones around us.

You have in Mexico such the same or even more success than in Spain. You are genuine idols there. Are there important differences between the Spanish and Mexican audience? Can we avoid the idea that in Spain we have the best fans of the world because of our spontaneity and warmth in live shows?
In fact Spanish and Mexican audiences are very similar but… yes, we could dare tos ay that Mexican audience can be even more enthusiastic and expressive than the Spanish one. The time we saw the audience more dedicated, wild and entranced was in a live show of the Mexican Café Tacuba. That day, we can assure that the floor was shaking and the enclosure didn’t fall down miraculously.

Marc y Belly have, at the same time than Dorian, the band After After Hours with HQ in UK, city where they use to live. They compose their own songs with a semi psychedelic groove, and also versions. Tell us guys, how came the need of create this new band? Did you have the nagging feeling of making something in English? 
We wanted to have an experience with musicians from a different origin than ours in order to try out different sonorities and rhythms than the ones we are used to, I mean, go out from our comfort zone and grow up as musicians. The experience could not be cooler.  After After Hours was formed by two Catalans, a vocalist with Jamaican lineage, a Sudafrican bassist girl and a drummer from Leeds. We had such a great time and we have on our minds to continue cooperating, although in long-distance.

Required question: ¿At whom will you throw a Hello Kitty knickers or underpants and why?
Tom Jones, at whom we had the chance to see in Glastonbury and we felt very impressed. What a voice, what a works, what a band and what a way to switch on the female present there. That day a lot of knickers felt off, we testify it.

Imagine yourselves as a band in 10 years. Which will be Dorian’s portrait then?
We wish that in the portrait figure the same characters and haven’t lost the enthusiasm of making music together (and the hair).

Could you define with a word each one of the 4 Dorian LP’s?
10.000 metrópolis: enigmatic. 
El futuro no es de nadie: abrave.
La ciudad subterránea: vitalist. 
La velocidad del vacío: brilliant.  

Yet since we first listened to the single advance of your new LP “Los amigos que perdí”, we thought it could be the answer to Las malas semillas”: In “las malas semillas” is telled the history about a girl that is always going out at night, living on the edge… and in “los amigos que perdí” it seems that the same girl explains what she lived in this age of chaos, without regrets. Is that way? Did you think in this song as a response to “Las malas semillas”?
This is not an aware response to “Las malas semillas”, but both could be defined as antinostalgia songs. Both tracks talk about characters which are unsatisfied with their present, people that start an encouraging searching road that sometimes plays them dirty tricks. Even like that, they don’t decline and continue straight on. At the end, they are songs that hide vitalist ways of life. 

You put the standard very high with your last LP “La ciudad subterranean”. A lot of hits and an emotive intensity we are not used to see in Spanish lyrics. What can surprise us in “La velocidad del vacío”? Sell it to us, come on.
It has some of the best compositions that Marc has ever done (“El temblor”, “El sueño eterno”), and shows a Dorian side that many people unknowns. The songs are not as attractive as in “La ciudad subterránea” but, believe us, they are much more complex and they win as long as you hear them… 

After the launch of an album, it’s time to go city to city showing the album on live shows (we’ll see you in the Low Cost Festival – Benidorm, Spain), so be aware to the launch of Hello Kitty knickers to your faces). Do you prepare live shows in any special way? Is there any new in the new show that you could advance us?
We have a secret weapon that we are going to perform for the first time in the Sonar inaugural night. And that’s all that we can read… 

As things are going on in Spain, we all want to go somewhere else (a cualquier otra parte). Where will you go if you could choose?
We feel like at home anywhere. As a lot of musicians, we are very rootless people.

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