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Bigott: The Indie's Dude

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With this attitude like “I was just passing by” is how we met the indiest “mañico” (demonym of people from Zaragoza, city in Spain). Borja Laudo, or what’s the same, Bigott, is so cool that you could die. Because in its shows, he dances as if no one was looking. Because he makes easy songs that make happier your day and because he has proved that low voices and country songs just fit perfectly.
We don’t know exactly how or why, but here we have him answering our hysterical interview. And let the Pilarica (Zaragoza’s Virgin) come down, because Bigott is going up!

Bigott, Bigott, Bigott… How a “mañico” like you in a fuss like this? How did you get here? You began auto-publishing your two first LP’S… 7 years later you crown indie Olympus in Spain. Did you expect this result?
I began auto-publishing and now I auto-publish “Blue jeans”. But I’m doing fine, I can play out there and that’s what I want to do know. I never expect anything, that’s why I have fun with whatever comes.

You must have heard a thousand times that you are considered a “peculiar” artist. And probably you don’t consider it like this but… This beard, this way of singing, the dances on stage, this unmistakable musical style… Which percentage is natural and which part is caused?
I don´t know why I like this question so much, maybe I don’t read it properly.

When you began your career, did you receive many slams on your face from record labels, managers and rooms where to make shows, because of your steps out of line?
At the beginning no one wanted to pay for my records, now, nevertheless, they still don’t want to.

And know that you fill up stages, either on festivals or alone, what you and your band do the previous hours to a show? Any ritual or infatuation?
As usual the previous hours we use to go to the city where we play. We don’t have special rituals and we don’t do anything weird. We must be boring.

“GotoFuck” is the documentary about your tour over Canada and USA. What can you advance us? Any anecdote or surreal situation from the tour that you would like to share with us?
I don’t remember anything concrete, I know I had a good time and that we slept sort of not much; I also feel like I want to see it.

You publish almost an album per year. Which is the secret of this big capacity of composing?
I play every day and even getting a little every day, a year has a lot of days.

At whom would you throw a Hello Kitty knickers or underpants and why?
Now I go mental for Foxygen.

Is there any band that we maybe don’t know and that you would like to recommend us for being very very cool?
Well I guess you may know Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti, which is one of the last things that I’ve liked and also Jeremy Jay.

Which drink do you recommend while listening to your last album, Blue Jeans?
It is not so bad; you can listen to it without drinking.

We finish the interview with your last video “Find a romance”, from your new LP Blue Jeans. During the video we can see a girl walking over the city, interacting with people… What does the video wants to transmit?
It’s a video, just like that, without ambition.

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