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Punsetes: Recycled Madrilenian scene

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If you read our Twitter, you’ll know perfectly who are The Punsetes. The story is so typical that it seems untrue: 5 college friends (Ariadna, Jorge, Chema, Gonzalo and Manu “Antonna”) decide to play together to see what comes out. And the, what comes out, is cool.

They introduced their first demo down the name inspired on Eduard Punset (Wikipedia for whom that doesn’t know him, or even better, electric chair), in 2004, and since then with three LP’s published (the last one “una montaña es una montaña” published in 2012) they don’t stop adding fans with it’s mood indie-protesting-madrilenianscenefromtheXXIcentury.

Today, Antonna, answers our hysterical questions. Here they go.

Your lyrics are a constant review to society, to some handicaps imposed by this society and to many of the myths of Spanish society. Do you consider music as a good way to communicate all the things that you don’t like from society? Are they songs that pretend to affect those who listen?
Music is a good way to communicate all that you don’t like, in general. It’s a good relief. And we look for an impact in the listener similar to the impact in ourselves while playing.

Nowadays it’s easy to write songs with critical subjects, because there are a lot of things to criticize. If you have to write a song about something good, fair, unquestionable… What would it be? (We demand copyright if from here, if it gives you ideas for any song of your new album!).
The only thing that occurs to us is Eduard Punset. We did a song for him, a lot of time ago.

We are not the first to connect you with the Madrilenian scene. Golden era of Spanish music that –personally- we think it’s rekindle again, with nuances.
Madrilenian scene smells like mothballs. It became a common place that stinks because of praises, hagiography and people jumping into a board that had to be smaller. That said, it had a lot of cool music, obviously, but it also existed in the 60´s, 70´s and 90´s. So it’s enough of Madrilenian scene, fuck.

We must mention about your live shows: All of you are with a shoegazer groove and Ariadna just like Noel Gallagher, motionless like a statue. Is this performance deliberated or is that what your songs demand you?
Each one of us does whatever he wants on stage. It is also true that what we usually want is to not move very much, or in Ariadna’s case, don’t move at all. But there is nothing deliberated, things go like this. Sometimes it seems like people notice this more than the songs, but if we’ll try to change something then, we will be trying to startle. Thing becomes much complicated.

At whom would you throw a Hello Kitty knickers or underpants? Why?
Do you know “bragas voladoras”? You must. This is becoming a trend!

What do The Punsetes listen when they are peaceful at home?
We listen many different things. Between us is quite difficult to exchange records, I assure you. As it’s me who’s asking the questions, I recommend you to listen Diosque, an Argentinian guy that I adore.

You are a band that has consolidated quite fast on indie scene. With this promotion, Where would you like to see the band in 10 years?
Well, we are playing now for almost ten years and we have some demos, singles and three LP’s published. I don’t think it was fast, and we have a lot of road to run to consider that we are consolidated. In ten years we’ll probably be dissolved. Although ten years ago I thought the same, so…

 You have played in a lot of Spanish festivals… Which one is your favorite and why?
 We had a lot of fun playing in some of them, really. In fact I don´t remember having a bad time in any festival. As audience, I like Primavera Sound, although it has been a lot of time since I don’t go.

We finish the interview with the video of “Alférez provisional” from your last LP. Tell us, what’s this song about?
This song it’s exactly about what the lyrics say. It’s so simple in all our songs, they are very easy to figure out!

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