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Ojete Calor: Deep subnopop

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Two people that met 6 years ago, form a band, and look back to remember what they have done during these 6 years could remember, from how emotive was this collaboration with Julio Iglesias, how happy they felt when Dolly Parton gave them that Grammy, the squeezes that Bon Jovi gave them at the backstage in that charitable concert… Or how many Jägermeister and other psychotropic substances they could use before composing their homonym song and symbol “Ojete Calor”.

Sequins, seedy excess, poppy involution, honesty and frikism in the same proportion is what make Carlos Ojete and Anibal Calor or whats the same, Carlos Areces and Anibal Gómez bring us with their first album “Delayed”.

With this precedent, it’s normal to fell like wanting the album now, but we must wait until October. In the meanwhile, and in order to soften the wait time, here it is the hysterical interview to…  


Do you include your band on the type “subnopop”. Can you define a little bit in what could consist on this kind of music and mention some bands you think could fix in it?
It makes reference to the things that are “under of”. It’s under of every musical style but it touches all of them, like the underground that goes from station to station. It unites a lot of styles and a lot of urban tribes in a hotchpotch that sounds like whole’s life greatest hits. There are a lot of artists that make subnopop, but it is better that they discover themselves. We are not gonna be the ones to put out of the closet Manu Tenorio or Merche.

You are both popular faces because of your actor’s side (Muchachada Nui, etc) and Anibal is, also, member of the joker electronic duo “Rusty Warriors”. Obviously, art is your thing (arrrrrrt, arrrrrrrrt) but, if you weren’t in this scene, which profession would adapt better to your elegant bodies?
Carlos Ojete could be model, smell-taster, archaeologist or orphan.
Anibal Calor could be model, farm worker, coin – polisher or the 10th dentist, the one that prefers sugary bubble-gums. 

When a song to Tina Turner and her look in Mad Max? Do you dare with an ad-lib chorus?
“In da desert, away from Ike,
With the crossbow, you run with Nike.
You like Mel Gibson, and he does not complicate
With this big mouth, you can replicate.
Tina, Tina, Tina, Tina, Tina, Tina, Ti Abascal…”

We know that make your life as an actor, musician, professional in arts in general… its complicated. A year ago the IVA went up and there is no intention to put it down. Which is the key to stay on the edge? Laugh in every situation in front of a scene that the contemporary could be a good option?
To us politicians deserve respect. Cospedal, for example, is really well made, it seems real. We are in favor that each one could out up or down IVA, but from the heart. Who can, pay a 2€ and who wants, pay a 37%. This and a healthy and balanced diet. 

At whom would you throw a Hello Kitty knickers or underpants and why?
To Raymond Carver, while signing books in a Big Apple library at the beginning of the 80’s; To Mr. Barragan at the dressing rooms of “No te rías que es peor”; to Ghandi from the Ganges river at the top of a Toy airbed; to every waiter that serve us a good tiger nut milk drink in Alboraya. 

 And now, ¿Is there any artist that you consider a direct influence to Ojete Calor?
The Supremes, because they are two, and also athletic with qualities to sing and black, as we are.  

How is a normal work day in your lives as members of Ojete Calor? 
We are everyday watching films. Reality does not interest us having all this enjoyable fiction.  

Are you afraid of becoming more famous than Bisbal? Would you go to Eurovision if you were proposed to? 
We are not afraid of fame, we are afraid of spiders. We wait to overcome the fame of this named Bisbal. We would attend Eurovision with a new song we have composed called “Tengo Euforia Esta Noche (Euphory Tonight)”, with a choreography inspired in epilepsy.

Finish the sentence: I’ve had erotic dreams with…   

We finish the interview with the single that advances the album, “Cuidado con El Cyborg (Corre, Sarah Connor)”.  Explain us, if you want: From where comes the brilliant idea to dedicate such a great song to Sarah Connor?
Well, a lot of people have been persecuted by a Cyborg anytime in their lives. It’s something to take seriously and this quandary deserved a song. We also wanted to pay homage to Terminator and we feel flattered that James Cameron included the track in the OST.

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