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Nudozurdo: music rules

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Some years ago, at a friend’s house, we listened to a melody of like 4-5 minutes, in which the lyrics appeared almost at the half of the composition. Someone said: “This is cool. What’s it?” and the owner of the flat –and of the patience to keep inviting us- said: Nudozurdo. Some time later, we happened to meet in a party with a guy that, in a move to hook up, told us that he directed the video of the song “Mil espejos” from Nudozurdo (the song that we heard time ago in our friend’s house). We didn’t see again the nocturnal womanizer (although we could check that he really directed the video #OARGH!!!), but thanks to this coincidences, we discovered Nudozurdo, band formed by Leo, "Meta" and Josechu, with an unclassifiable but completely cool music.
Today Leo answers our hysterical interview. Here it goes.

Why does make music Nudozurdo? ¿Which is the mean to be of the band? 
We began like every band. A group of friends that play together. With the time you realize that this is the only thing you can do. It turns into your job and you notice that you are so lucky just because people get interested in things that, at the beginning, just interested you.

We have read in some media that you are considered inside Postpunk. We are not going to talk about what the hell means postpunk and just ask: Which style fixes the most in Nudozurdo’s discography, if there is any?
Gunfuck. You move your hips and your brain shrinks.  

Your last EP, Ultra presión, from 2012, picks up 5 tracks from the record sessions of your earlier CD “Tara, Motor, Hembra” that were not included in this CD. Why did you include these songs in the new EP but not in the earlier record?
We had to choose along concepts of sound and integration. The tracks in which we didn’t like the mix or that didn’t fix with the main atmosphere of the CD went out. We sent them to September, and we made them retake.

You published some months ago “Acústico”, LP that contains 10 tracks of your discography, recorded on an acoustic way. Do you conceive your songs as acoustic pieces that you cover with “rock”? Or did you have to uncover the songs for this new album…
In our case the songs suffer important transformations. But it is difficult to generalize. We have songs that come from a straight composition of my own and others come from improvisation, but as we always do it with guitars, it is easy to turn them into an acoustic format. Some songs like “Mil espejos” or “Ha sido divertido” have the difference only at the volume because we have played them on the same way.

At whom would you throw a Hello Kitty knickers or underpants and why?
To Bárcenas (a Spanish corrupt politician). We want to know how to make a fortune with a Hello Kitty knicker.

What kind of music do you listen to when you are home alone?
Everything. Yesterday: The Shangri-Las, Roy Orbison, The Bangles, Paul McCartney, Caetano y Chico, Moonduo and Low.

You lyrics are especially enigmatic. Which is the composition process of melody/lyrics? Do you focus on the lyrics first as of an idea, and then you compose the melody or is it the contrary?
It uses to be the contrary. Melody rules. In a lot of cases it consists in let yourself go with the music and the lyrics just flow. In fact, everything is music. Everything is noise with more or less sense.

 Which international and national band would you like to share stage?
With Milli Vanilli. It would be cool.

Would you compose to others? Why?
Yes. Use another inspirational voices and see how what you have created gets processed can have a lot of meaning.

We finish the interview with the video “Hasta que se parezca”. Tell us, as long as you can, which is the meaning of the song?
It talks about blending in. We are social animals and we tend to imitate behaviors in order to get positioned. Say that you like a band, for example, is to say that you want to take part of its discourse. To take part of something is something very powerful that boils in our bodies. Making it with more or less charm is what the song is about. I think.

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